Chesapeake Arts Center is pleased to introduce our new Dance Department Chair, Noelle Tolbert!


Chesapeake Arts Center is pleased to introduce our new Dance Department Chair, Noelle Tolbert. Noelle will be leading instruction for our dance classes, ages 2-adult. We are excited about this new step towards the future at CAC, and are looking forward to kicking off the Fall semester with our new curriculum. Dance classes are scheduled to begin in mid-September, so be sure to register early to hold your place in class! Click here to view CAC dance classes.

About Noelle: Noelle Tolbert, a creative artist from Philadelphia, has merged her artistic journey in Baltimore and has become a ruby inside of this small city. She has used dance, choreography, performance art, teaching, and storytelling to heal and connect people in order to challenge how we engage with and define art. With a commitment to movement expression training for over 12 years, Noelle is a becoming master of hip-hop, popping, house, modern, ballet and movement research technique. Poetry, improvisational writing, and dedication to growth as a performance artist strengthen her movement practice. Noelle considers herself a warrior of defeat, whose life struggles never stopped her from being a dancer and artist.

Her talent has graced the stage with training received from Rennie Harris Puremovement, Colleen Hartman, and Music and Motion Dance Company in Philadelphia since the age of 14. From 2003-2008 Noelle performed at numerous venues throughout the tri-state area including the Philly Fringe Festival and Live Arts for all five productions including International Touring in Canada. Upon moving from Philly to Baltimore, Noelle graduated from Community College of Baltimore County with a major in Dance, became an immediate member of Poetic Xpressions Dance Company under the leadership of Amanda Fair, and co-founded NAP movement research.

Building upon years of passion and drive, Noelle has taught dance in many different schools in Baltimore City and Baltimore County partnered through BOPA, Concepts by Cash, Parks and People, and Chesapeake Arts Center to influence children of all ages in developing their inner artist voice and to help others expand their existing talents and technique. She is a woman of courage, fight, understanding, versatility, and instinct. She always looks forward to the next step of her journey to be fulfilled.



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The Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC) is a 58,000 sq. ft. multi-discipline arts organization located in Northern Anne Arundel County, just inside the Baltimore beltway. Our facility houses a 752-seat Hammonds Lane Theatre, a 120-seat Studio 194 Theatre, gallery space, ceramics lab, dance studios, music room, scene-shop and classrooms. For more information about the Chesapeake Arts Center visit or call us at 410-636-6597.

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