NOW HIRING!! Production Manager


Chesapeake Arts Center:  Production Manager

Job Description

Position Summary:  To support each event at the Chesapeake Arts Center administratively and technically through the advance, execution and reconciling of a production.  To maintain, repair and recommend all technical equipment in the facility including the theatrical spaces, classrooms, dance studios and MakerSpace.   This position is a support staff position and will work in concert with the Director of Operation and Programming.  The Chesapeake Arts Center is both a presented and rental house while being a mission based organization;   The Chesapeake Arts Center uses the arts to excite, educate, engage, inspire and grow this community’s people, its artists and the region through performances, exhibitions, classes, and collaborations with artists, educators, business and community leaders and organizations.

Essential Tasks:  This is a 40 hour a week salaried staff position.  The schedule will be flexible and irregular and will include weekend and evening hours.  Flexible schedule is possible with supervisors’ approval to compensate for the odd and irregular hours.   Tasks to include the following and other duties as assigned.

Advance:  To plan, organize, schedule and facilitate the Center’s operations with the Director of Operations for all of the Centers’ events using the event contract; including crewing, procuring rental equipment/deliveries, load in/out, tracking inventory and maintaining Center policies.

Execute:  To run load in, show and load out while adhering to the Center’s policies.  Leading the crew to be professional at all times, instituting safe practices and whenever necessary, teaching and training all constituents.  To maintain the Centers gear, keep the facilities clean, neat and ready for any event.   It is paramount to provide excellent customer service and exceed the clients’ expectations while maintaining the integrity of the Center and its reputation.

Reconciliation:  To keep accurate paperwork; tracking the contract and any changes made to it, keeping records of the clients and (post mortem), event management reports, incident reports and any other documentation needed as required.

Requirements:  A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent years of event coordination or technical theatre experience is required.  Excellent written and oral communication skills and proficiency in technical theatre protocol and safety standards are also a requirement.

Physical requirements:  While performing this job the employee will be required to walk, sit, stand, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crawl, reach, hear, see, talk and use arms and legs and lift 75lbs.

This position is a member of the production team.  Opportunities will include to research and make recommendations for system upgrades, design opportunities and any other opportunities the Center can afford monetarily or professionally.  This position also has the opportunity to teach a technical theatre class to middle school students enrolled in a Performing and Visual Arts magnet program.

This position will encounter decision making circumstance where the Production Manager must act with integrity, and in the best interest of the Center its reputation, the safety of staff, crew, patrons and artists.

Contact: Mary Manning at


About Chesapeake Arts Center News

The Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC) is a 58,000 sq. ft. multi-discipline arts organization located in Northern Anne Arundel County, just inside the Baltimore beltway. Our facility houses a 752-seat Hammonds Lane Theatre, a 120-seat Studio 194 Theatre, gallery space, ceramics lab, dance studios, music room, scene-shop and classrooms. For more information about the Chesapeake Arts Center visit or call us at 410-636-6597.

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