ATTN Bands! Enter Now for the Chesapeake Arts Center’s 2ND Annual “Be the Band” Competition!!


Chesapeake Arts Center 2nd Annual CAC Be the Band -Battle of the Bands Information and Official Rules

• Bands must download entry form at located under “Shows” and complete. Email with entry form and provide a youtube video with a sample of the band’s music. All applications must be received by Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Bands must play at least THREE original songs.

• Be the Band is a live music, band/group competition only. No solo singers or DJ/mixers will be considered. Band/group size must be at least three (3), but no more than six (6) musical performers. Bands/groups selected to compete must perform four songs (at least 3 original) live, no tracking or lip syncing will be allowed. Majority of the members must live in Maryland/DC area.
• The Chesapeake Arts Center is a family-friendly community arts center and any band/group submitting an application for the “Be the Band” agrees to provide PG-Rated family-friendly entertainment. The Chesapeake Arts Center reserves the right to disqualify a band/group for any reason including use of offensive lyrics, inappropriate dress or behavior, gang or offensive tattoos, depiction of violence or nudity or explicit activity. Violations will result in immediate disqualification from the competition and expulsion from the Chesapeake Arts Center.

• CAC Be the Band past winners, Employees, their immediate family members, and vendors of the Chesapeake Arts Center are not eligible to compete.

ROUND 1 (TOP 15 SELECTED)-August 11,2015
Fifteen bands will be selected by the Chesapeake Arts Center’s staff to move on to the next round.
ROUND 2 (TOP 15 ONLINE VOTING, TOP 7 SELECTED)-August 11-August 24, 2015
Fifteen bands will be posted on the Chesapeake Arts Center’s Facebook page for fan voting between August 11th-August 24, 2015. The top 7 bands with the most Facebook likes from Facebook will be contacted and scheduled to perform.

(TOP 7 SCHEDULED TO PERFORM) Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 4:30pm in the Studio 194 Theatre at the Chesapeake Arts Center
• Seven (7) bands/groups will compete in the Be the Band competition on Saturday, October 3, 2015 Each band/group will be scheduled for a 4-song set (not to exceed 20 minutes).

• The Chesapeake Arts Center will contact each group to schedule performance times by September 11, 2015. Bands will select their performance time; the band with the most Facebook votes gets their first choice.
• The top 7 bands will be invited to perform four songs ( at least 3 original)The first band to perform will be the only band with a front-end sound check, all other bands will have a line-check only. Once performance time has been confirmed, requests for time changes will not be honored. Chesapeake Arts Center will provide the following items for the Bands:

Gretsch drum kit and Zildjian cymbals (musicians welcomed to bring their own cymbals).
Drum throne and rug

House sound system.
Vocal mics and instrument mics as appropriate.

House sound engineer.

House and stage lighting and operator.

• If you cannot attend, please contact the Chesapeake Arts Center Marketing Director’s at (410) 636-6597 to relinquish your place in the competition. In the event of a band/group cancellation, time permitting, an alternate band/group will be selected based on the online vote results.

Three bands will be selected at the end of the round 3. The three bands will perform a final show on Saturday, October 24, 2015 in the Studio 194 theatre.

• If any member of a band/group is late for their performance time, the band may choose to perform without the late member or forfeit their spot in the competition. If the whole band/group is late for their arrival time, they will be automatically disqualified…NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Chesapeake Arts Center & Drums Unlimited will provide backline for the events. Bands will need to provide instruments (Bass, Guitar, Keyboards). (See Equipment list)

• During the Battle of the Bands competition, a panel of judges will rate each of the bands based on the four songs (No more than 4 songs) they perform. The panel of judges will consist of (3) industry professionals selected by the Chesapeake Arts Center’s Company.

Judging will be based on the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 10
1:Overall Performance: all-in-all…how well did you like the performance?
2:Sound Quality: can you understand the singer, are the guitars too loud?
3:Playlist Variety: good mix of music or just the same thing over and over?
4:Original Song(s): creativity? Originality? Arrangement? Overall likability?
5:Personality/Crowd Interaction: just standing on stage or really giving a show?
6:Appearance: overall look/style of the group
7:Crowd Size: Did the band draw a good crowd? Do they have strong community support? (We do track how many people came to see your band play)
8:Attitude and Professionalism: is the group taking the competition seriously? Are they professional with the stage crew and other bands?
9:Bands will be deducted 5 points for each minute they perform over the 20-minute limit AND if they perform over 4 songs. A clock will be provided onstage to ensure staying within the time limit.

Prize Package for the final “Be the Band” Winner:
$1000 cash prize
4 hrs of studio time at Konexion recording studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Value $160
Total Prize: $1,160

By participating in the Be the Band all members of the band/group grant Chesapeake Arts Center exclusive permission to take, use, publish, reproduce or broadcast videotapes, recordings or photographs of themselves at the Chesapeake Arts Center, either with or without their names, in such manner as, in its sole discretion, Chesapeake Arts Center may deem proper, and further waive ownership interest in any photos, films, videotapes, etc., or copies thereof.




About Chesapeake Arts Center News

The Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC) is a 58,000 sq. ft. multi-discipline arts organization located in Northern Anne Arundel County, just inside the Baltimore beltway. Our facility houses a 752-seat Hammonds Lane Theatre, a 120-seat Studio 194 Theatre, gallery space, ceramics lab, dance studios, music room, scene-shop and classrooms. For more information about the Chesapeake Arts Center visit or call us at 410-636-6597.

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