An Exhibition: “Maryland, My Maryland” At The BWI Marshall Airport, May 2015-June 2016

The Chesapeake Arts Center and the Baltimore/Washington International BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport is pleased to present a group exhibition of photography and graphic pop art. The “Maryland, My Maryland” exhibit is located in Terminal D of the airport and will run from May, 2015 – June, 2016.

Thirteen gallery artists will be featured in the exhibit: Jase Anzulis, Stephen Bradley,Nicole Caracia, Ricky Chenoweth, Todd Dalgliesh, William Edwards, River Scott Fisher, Dan J Goodrich, Sidney Jackson, Greg Ketterman, Geoff Lawrence, Vienne Rea and Bill Shewbridge. The art displayed are all the different components that make Maryland truly special.

“This art exhibit features talented Maryland photographers and graphic pop artist. It’s an honor that the airport asked the Chesapeake Arts Center to bring artwork to the airport. The Chesapeake Arts Center is really growing and giving great opportunities to the artist and the community. I know I’m excited that thousands of people a day will be passing the wall of art” says, Nicole Caracia, Marketing Director/ Gallery Coordinator of the Chesapeake Arts Center.

“Maryland, My Maryland” will run through June, 2016. For more information about the Artist or the exhibit, contact Nicole Caracia at or visit

About the Artist:

Jase Anzulis: “Born & raised in downtown Baltimore, Jason has spent most of his life taking in the beauty of this great city and the State of Maryland. Photography started as a self-taught hobby, but quickly grew into a passion. His focus is centered around urban landscapes and graffiti as an art form. Jason has the innate ability to transform simplicity into something truly beautiful. He continues to expand his portfolio and looks forward to furthering his passion.”

Contact Information:

Stephen Bradley: Stephen Bradley has been embedded in the Brooklyn-Curtis Bay community since 2010, beginning with an interdisciplinary project that documents the lost neighborhoods and displacement of residents of Fairfield, Masonville Cove and Wagners Point due to a national trend of deindustrialization and the environmental impact on the residents. The following photographic works present a poetic glimpse into this unique and every changing place. Stephen Bradley is an inter-media and interdisciplinary artist, blending place-based studies, social practice and media arts that foster and promote collaboration and risk taking between disciplines and community groups. Bradley employs social practice, sound, image, physical artifacts or debris that have been discarded or perhaps lost in the landscape, striving to create micro-narratives that “tell” spatial-based stories for us to contemplate; for us to hear deeply; and, for us to see our relationship to our time and space, and to one another. Bradley teaches at UMBC in the Department of Visual Arts and exhibits nationally and internationally.

Contact Information:

Nicole Caracia: Nicole Caracia (Baltimore, Maryland) is influenced by nature, people and all the things enjoyable in life. Photography is her most recent creative endeavor, having an eye for composition and being in the right place, at the right time. Her recent photo “Sunset in Annapolis” was just selected out of over 450 people for the ABC 7 news “Fall Photo” contest. She takes dozens of snapshots of her 2 beautiful children, Family & Friends, live bands and the surrounding areas of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County parks and other random destinations, simply out of the love of it.

“Photography to me means you can capture a moment that you enjoy and hold on to it forever.” – Nicole Caracia

Contact Information: or visit

Ricky Chenoweth: My name is Ricky; I am a 22 year old graphic pop artist. I have always been fascinated with the concept of art, and what it can be or what it does mean. After reading through countless books and listening to numerous documentaries I have come to the conclusion that art can be anything you want it to be. I am constantly inspired by artist of the past and a few of the present. From Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali to musicians like Skrillex and Fall out boy, absorbing their works and creating an influence through mine. I continuously work so hard to the point I’ve been able to look back and appreciate all I have conquered in the past few years. Headlining shows with the Chesapeake arts center, or collaborating with Anne Arundel County Rec and Parks, I always love bringing people together through common interests. Art is not something you do, it is something you feel. If I can get you to feel an emotion through one of my works I have succeeded as an artist. If you have enjoyed reading through my small bio or would like to contact me, my email is or follow me on Instagram @Rickychenoweth I’d love to have one of my works on your wall.

Todd Dalgliesh; My name is Todd Dalgliesh, I am a Baltimore based photographer enthralled by our nations forgotten past. I travel the US documenting forgotten, and historic places, in the hope to preserve them forever through photography. One might say I surround myself with decaying buildings and depressing pasts. However, I see this scene differently than the average person; with dramatic lighting, texture, and silence I find it peaceful. When I look through the lens of my camera, I capture more than an image, I capture a piece of a forgotten past. I approach any scene an altered eye, one that sees the beauty in this undisturbed space. Through the use of available light, and the way it skims across a scene, without alteration, I photograph it; and the art is what falls in between. Photography is my passion; the abandoned are my subject.

Contact Information:

William Edwards: Back in the day, Bill had a 35mm film camera, but with the conflicts of time, family, work and life, he stopped making photos and developing film. As the years passed, he bought a succession of digital point and shoot cameras. In 2010, he purchased a digital SLR camera and found the magic again of waiting for the right light and making photos. Bill is an artist and street photography is his medium. Making his next iconic image is how he approaches each day. He is self taught and believes that it is important to create every day, do hard things and fine one’s own voice.

“Almost There” captures an essence of light, shadow, color and motion.

River Scott Fisher: Rivers Scott Fisher was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland.  Coming from a family of musicians and artists, he began classical guitar studies at the early age of four.  Eventually Rivers would discover the world of Rock n Roll, which led him down a path into songwriting and performance.  He was a Sony World recording artist on the EPIC Records Group label in his 20’s and continued to perform and record into his early 30’s. His vision for his music could be compared to that of a painter and his art.  Rivers liked using experience and visuals as a template to create his art of music and would start to see a parallel between the two.

With no previous training in the art of painting he felt Abstract Expressionism was not only a creative outlet, but a form of creative challenge as well.  Rivers had admired such painters as Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and Robert Motherwell.  Eventually he started painting constantly– setting up a make shift studio in the stairwell of his one-room studio loft in Baltimore where he currently resides.  There, he painted what would become his first two series of paintings over the next year and a half.  Ultimately, Rivers began catching the attention of those who seemed to admire his emotional, uncontrived style of painting.  No intentional thought was put into the painting, as much as just pure emotion, combined with allowing the paintings to feel as if they painted themselves. In 2012, Rivers began creating contemporary works of art using new methods and mediums to explore new possibilities. Digital illustration and photography were being utilized to create new series of works. A departure from his traditional painting. “A common concern i have has been the question of what constitutes art? In the contemporary period (1950 to now), the concept of avantgarde may come into play in determining what art is taken notice of by galleries, museums, and collectors. Propaganda and Entertainment in some circumstances have become regarded as art genres today” River’s works have been displayed at the Washington Museum in Washington County MD. He is the creator of the DIRTY WATER Series. DIRTY WATER is based on the creative lifework of Baltimore-native, filmmaker, author and photographer John Waters. The series was created around the time Rivers and John were introduced at his home in Baltimore in 2010. The series is a collection of original works of art that showcase Abstract Expressionism combined with an additional method of printmaking. The series is currently on display permanently at Baltimore City Hall, Mayor’s office and conference rooms.

River’s work has received the attention of many collectors, galleries and artists nationally. David Byrne (lead vocals and guitarist of The Talking Heads) was quoted saying “Rivers Scott Fisher’s work is the real thing, like in the days when painters were the real stars that every actor and musician aspired to be. You thought Abstract Expressionism was a thing of the past? Well, think again, my friends. Check out the lines, shapes and colors Scott is throwing and be delighted beyond your expectations.”

Rivers Scott Fisher enters himself through his art, and in doing so, reveals the universal, hidden complexities of being human.  Rivers seeks to share his sense of the deep universality of experience, which moves him, and enters his work so sublimely.

Dan J. Goodrich, a Baltimore native, found his interest in photography as a young kid when his father showed him how to use his old Konica camera. He was instantly hooked, and his love for the art form grew quickly. Beginning with nature photography, he moved towards taking photos of abandoned buildings before finding a fondness for portraiture. Light itself is often the inspiration for Dan’s photography, and its interaction with his subjects remains to be his focus. Dan feels that the lighting of an environment is one of the most important aspects to conveying its atmosphere. He has two major projects upcoming: one is a photo essay archiving the bands and the atmosphere of the Hour Haus, a practice space in Baltimore set to close after 25 years. The other is an exploration of the United States taking place through the month of July on a cross country road

Sidney Jackson: Sidney Jackson, is a photographer from Lithonia, Georgia currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland. As an avid hobbyist for 18 years, Jackson has been a professional photographer for the last three years. His entry into the industry was simple: he began taking pictures of any and everything he could, focusing on the compositions and inner workings of shots he took during annual road trips.

Hailing from a well-established artistic family, Jackson’s artistic eye was influenced early. Jackson’s parents are from New York of Antiguan descent. His mother and grandmother – both jewelry and doll makers (HandCrafted Moods, A Touch Me Creation). His late father – a painter and sculptor (Gemini Rising Art in the First Degree). Jackson’s stepfather is a writer and activist (Anu World) and his great-uncle, Ashley Bryan, is a children’s author, illustrator, painter, and philanthropist.

Jackson continues to explore new techniques and expand his knowledge as an artist. Since 2013, Jackson photographed fifteen area events and exhibited work in seventeen shows. His first photography book, entitled Urine Business: A European Bathroom Companion was published in 2012. Jackson’s first solo show, A Closer Look, was premiered at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts April 2014. He currently has work on display in Baltimore City Hall. May 2015 will host the opening of his 2nd solo show at the Aloft – BWI hotel as well as a year long installation at the BWI Airport in Baltimore, MD.

Contact Information:

Greg Ketterman: Greg Ketterman is the owner of 1304PHOTOS a Baltimore based photography company. He as been doing photography since high school but over the last three year’s has put all of his focus into making it more than a hobby. He take’s photos everyday thing’s but puts a different spin on them, with a focus on city life and urban landscapes.

Contact Information:

Geoff Lawrence: Geoff Lawrence (@glawrencephotography) is a photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. He specializes in landscape photography, but he also enjoys urbex, street photography, and (more recently) portraiture. He was first inspired to engage in photography seriously while urban exploring and snapping photos along the way. A recovering addict, sober for 17 years, Lawrence believes this part of his story greatly influences his work. He is married with two children who can’t seem to stop making faces while he photographs them.

Contact Information:

Vienne Rea: Vienne Rea is an American-born photographer and sculptress. Her meritorious breadth of work, over an expanse of thirty years, includes exhibited and published fine art photography and sculpture. There is a nuance to her photography and sculpture that conveys Vienne’s compassion. Through her art, she lends herself to the viewer, sensitizing them to a world of visual poetry and ethereal experiences.

Among Vienne’s many photography exhibitions, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, was a solo show at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC, which featured 40 black and white photographs of Vienna and Salzburg. She is widely recognized for her memorable black & white portraits of children. Renowned for capturing the magical essence of childhood, Vienne was awarded Best Children’s Photographer, and several of her photographs of children were published in national magazines, such as ‘Women’s Day’ and ‘Parenting’, as well as were featured in an ad campaign for The Prevention of Child Abuse. Vienne’s fine-art nude photography exhibited at LightBox Photographic Art Gallery in Oregon, after having been awarded for her entry into their juried competition. BLUR magazine published her winning photograph in their April, 2015 issue. Vienne’s photographic project, ‘Divinity’, was sought out by a worldwide cable network for a film they produced, in which they included several of her photographs from her series. Ten (10) of Vienne’s artworks (8 photographs and 2 prints from the ‘Dirty Water’ series) feature in exhibition for 18 months atBaltimore’s BWI Airport, from April 1, 2015 – October, 2016.

In addition to her photographic accomplishments, Vienne is also a sculptress, receiving praise and recognition for her self-invented application of metal and acrylic to create “frames”. Her assemblage-style frames have appeared on her fine-art nude photographs in exhibition, and have complimented the abstract expressionist works by painter Rivers Scott Fisher. They share a joint award for two of their stunning combinations of the two art genres—painting and sculpture. Eventually, Vienne’s long-held desire to create traditional metal sculpture urged her to reach for her further goal— to learn to weld. Her determination handed her a mentor in renowned sculptor, David Hess. With tenacity of spirit her metal sculpture made its way into existence and into exhibition. In Fall of 2013, Vienne’s first sculpture series, LADDER, premiered at The Mary Condon Hodgson Art Gallery in Maryland. Vienne’s sculpture has shown in multiple art galleries and an art museum in Maryland.

Vienne Rea is a co-producer and collaborator with Rivers Scott Fisher on numerous contemporary art series– including ‘Dirty Water’, ‘COVERGIRL’, Watermarked, ’33 RPM’. Many of her photographs provide the visual references to the series’ theme and she has contributed her own original works of art to them as well. Upon his first visit to her studio several years ago, Fisher was immediately drawn to her metal and acrylic frames on several of her fine-art nude photographs, which had recently been in exhibition. Shortly thereafter, her sculptural “frames” appeared on Fisher’s paintings in their first joint exhibition. Recognizing a kindred, artistic sensitivity between them, they joined their creative talents, and this creative pair continues to produce innovative and compelling art.

In June, 2015 Vienne Rea will exhibit with Jessie Mann, Rivers Scott Fisher, and Liz Liguori in Baltimore at the Jordan Faye Contemporary. Several other unannounced galleries in U.S. cities are forthcoming. A solo exhibition of Vienne’s fine-art nudes is being negotiated. Her LADDER sculpture series continues to expand and will appear in a surprise landscape exhibition soon.

Contact Information:

Bill Shewbridge: Bill Shewbridge is photographer, videographer and Professor of the Practice in the Department of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). He is founding director and Executive Producer of UMBC’s New Media Studio.

Contact Information:

  Cafe Hon By Vienne Rea Dirty Water No 4 By River Scott Fisher  The Little Thinker By Vienne ReaWatermarked Waters By River Scott Fisher Hammers and Strings By Daniel J Goodrich Freedom Forgotten By Daniel J Goodrich Edgar Allen Bro By Ricky Chenowethred doors by Sidney Jackson


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